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Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM)

The Department of Management has a nationally chartered and very active student chapter of the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM). Student Chapters of SHRM teams are active on more than 450 colleges and campuses throughout the United States. SHRM student chapters have regular meetings with scheduled programs designed to help members learn more about Human Resources (HR) and the real world of business. SHRM is a professional Human  Recourses association headquartered in Alexandria Virginia

Elected student officers run the chapters with the assistance of a chapter advisor and sponsoring professional SHRM chapter members. Chapters invite local business people to speak to the members about current developments in the business world and how they will impact future workers. In addition, chapters organize a variety of activities including student conferences, resume-writing and interviewing workshops, fundraisers, internship programs, and social events. These activities allow students to learn more about human resource management while building relationships with local professionals and other students.

WVU Tech’s SHRM Student Chapter has been awarded the National Superior Merit Award for its excellence and achievement for the past two years.

2014-2015 SHRM Superior Merit Award

Faculty Adviser:

Marjorie Smith, Ph.D. 
Phone: 304.929.1684