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Envoy Cadet Program

FlightSafety Academy, a WVU Tech flight training partner, recently announced an agreement with Envoy Air, Inc., an American Airlines regional carrier. Under this agreement, cadet pilots in the Envoy Cadet Program have the following opportunities:

That’s $27,100 in training and bonuses before your first flight as an airline pilot!

It takes more than just flight training to earn an airline job - you also need 1,500 hours of flight experience. FlightSafety has that covered as well with the chance to work at the academy as a flight instructor. In this program, you are a full-time paid employee with benefits. You can earn approximately $34,000 per year while building your flight hours. In the WVU Tech/FlightSafety/Envoy program, you can earn approximately $61,100 in pay and bonuses before you even graduate.

These are opportunities, not guarantees. If you plan on working for a major airline, you need a bachelor’s degree. The aviation management degree from WVU Tech helps you capture opportunities in aviation and in life. Simply being enrolled in college will improve your chances of making the cut. Completing the degree opens even more doors.