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Course Descriptions

2016-2017 Career-Technical Education (CTED) Course Descriptions

Career-Technical Education (CTED) Teaching Associate Professors Tuckwiller (chair) Yocke; Teaching Assistant Professors Lovett, Yost

CTED-100 Teacher Education Orientation (1-0)1 College regulations, State Department of Education Policies and Certifications, effective study habits, use of resources, career opportunities.

CTED-201 Introduction to Career-Technical Education (3-0)3 Purpose, nature and scope of career-technical education for the CTE teacher. General orientation to career technical education instruction.

CTED-301 Occupational Analysis (3-0)3 Analysis procedures for determining career technical curriculum content, determination of course goals and objectives. Involvement of advisory committees in career-technical education.

CTED-302 Course Construction and Planning in Career-Technical Education (3-0)3 Analysis procedures for determining career-technical education curriculum content. Determination of course goals and objectives. Involvement of advisory committees for career-technical education. Factors, principles, and techniques of developing a course of study for a career-technical education program.

CTED-303 Organization and Management of School Shops and Laboratories (3-0)3 Responsibilities of the teacher as a manager, methods of handling tools and supplies, problems of effective shop organization and maintenance, safety administration, job evaluation and selection, group control and management.

CTED-304 Safety in Career-Technical Education (3-0)3 Responsibilities of the teacher in providing a safe learning/working environment for career technical students. The study of effective approaches to accident prevention and an introduction to the laws and regulatory agencies regarding safety management in the classroom and laboratory.

CTED-305 Methods of Examination in Career-Technical Education (3-0)3 An introduction to the methods and techniques for developing and administering written and performance tests. Course includes the charting of student progress and methods for determining student grades for a grading period.

CTED-306 Coordination of Cooperative Career-Technical Education (3-0)3 Background of coordination of cooperative part-time students. Methods and techniques for evaluating and selecting work stations, student selection, placement and follow-up. Role and use of advisory committees, and methods of evaluating a cooperative work experience program.

CTED-307 Computer Applications in Career-Technical Education (3-0)3 This course is designed to introduce students to computer-based instructional technology used in today’s classrooms and labs. Included is an introduction to operating systems, application software for instruction and instructional management.

CTED-308 Application of Basic Skills in Career-Technical Education (3-0)3 Methods, techniques and strategies for incorporating the reinforcement of basic skills in career-technical instructional program. Emphasis will be placed on reading, writing, math, oral communication, and critical thinking skills as they apply to occupational specific training. Also addressed in this course is the teaching of job seeking and job keeping skills.

CTED-402 History and Philosophy of Career-Technical Education (3-0)3 Historical influences in the development of vocational education in America and Europe; motivating influences and the implications of philosophy in modern career-technical education.

CTED-409 Coordination of Career-Technical Youth Activities (3-0)3 Purpose and scope of Skills USA and other youth organizations. Application of youth activities within the related classroom instruction in career-technical education. Current trends in the development and movement of career-technical education activities in America.

CTED-411 Supervision of Career-Technical Education (3-0)3 Supervisory techniques for local, area and state levels; analysis of supervisory needs, duties and responsibilities, cooperation between school, labor management, and public agencies. Emphasis on improvement of instruction.

CTED-413 Advanced Materials for Career-Technical Education (3-0)3 Particular emphasis on developing individually prescribed instructional materials for special teaching areas. Time available for each student to work on an individual basis to complete work assignment.

CTED-415 Audio/Visual Productions in Career-Technical Education (3-0)3 Developing audio/visual equipment. Designing, programming and editing audio/visual productions for career-technical teacher education.

CTED-418 Demonstrations for Teachers in Career-Technical Education (3-0)3 The presentation of specific demonstration to selected teachers and students in the career-technical teacher’s specialization. Critiquing demonstrations of others and comparing techniques employed.

CTED-419 Observations for Teachers in Career-Technical Education (3-0)3 Classroom visitations and written critiques of shops and laboratories in the teacher skill specialization. Observations of the industrial application of job skills in the teacher’s specialization. Comparison of industrial and career-technical education shops and laboratories.

CTED-420 School-Community Relations in Career-Technical Education (3-0)3 Organization and planning for a program of school-community relations by the vocational teacher. Emphasis on preparing brochures, displays, news articles, conducting open house activities and working with members of the community.

CTED-421 Teaching Special Students in Career-Technical Education (3-0)3 Instructional planning for individual student needs. Special instructional techniques, and modification of the learning environment/physical setting for special students in career technical education.

CTED-422 Back to Industry Experience 1-6 Hr. (Departmental Approval) An occupational specialization updating experience for the in-service, career technical teacher. In-service teacher will gain new knowledge and skill in an occupational specialization through back-to-industry experience. Hours of credit will vary according to the depth and magnitude of the experience. Credit shall be earned on a pass/fail basis.

CTED-423, 424, or 425 Industrial Processes (Occ. Update) 1-3 hours Departmental Approval Special seminars or workshops designed for specific occupational specialization updating. Special topics shall be designed to provide the in-service, career technical teacher with new knowledge and skill currently required of workers in business and industry. Hours of credit will vary according to the depth and magnitude of the training. Credit shall be earned on a pass/fail basis.

CTED-485 Teaching Methods in Career-Technical Education (3-0)3 Correlating shop/lab instruction with classroom instruction. Individual and group instruction using various instruction sheets and materials. Emphasis is given to the four teaching steps in career technical education. Physical factors relating to classroom and shop/lab methods and techniques.

CTED-493 Advanced Computer Applications (3-0) 3 Special seminars or workshops designed for specific occupational teaching skills. Special topics to be selected cooperatively by the student and faculty advisor, hours of credit will vary according to the depth and magnitude of the project.