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Interdisciplinary Studies

WVU Tech’s interdisciplinary studies degree program in the College of Business Humanities and Social Sciences will be phased out over the next three years, beginning in the Fall of 2020. WVU Tech is not accepting applications for new students into the bachelor’s program in interdisciplinary studies starting in the Fall 2020 term. Current WVU Tech interdisciplinary studies students will continue to be supported, classes will continue to be held and support will continue to be provided by the University and faculty/staff until the last student has completed the Teach-out plan. Current interdisciplinary studies students should contact their academic advisor or department chair for more information.

Based upon the student’s selected areas of academic discipline (ADs), this unique degree option includes elective opportunities that can be used to further develop knowledge in the selected academic disciplines, related disciplines, or career-oriented courses. Each student’s self-designed program of interdisciplinary study is what makes an IDSC degree unique.

Academic Disciplines
The following list of Academic Disciplines (ADs) represents a few of the many possibilities for combining two or three areas of study and scholarship uniquely available to IDSC students. More options than those presented below are available throughout the University.

Academic Disciplines


Criminal Justice

English Studies

Fraud Examination

Political Science



Business Management


Accounting & Finance

History and Government 


Risk and Insurance

Sport Management

Students who wish to complete the IDSC degree program will work with the IDSC Program Advisor/Director to develop the course plan for their degree, which must be approved by the Dean’s office and filed with the university Registrar.

The intent of the course plan is to identify the two Academic Disciplines and designation as either a Bachelor Arts degree, with 12 credit hours in the same foreign language, or a Bachelor of Science degree, with 6 minimum credits in mathematics or 3 minimum credits in mathematics and 3 in computer applications. Though the document is intended to meet these criteria, it is considered flexible to account for course offerings each semester.

For more information about an Interdisciplinary Studies degree, contact the History, English, and Creative Arts department at 304.442.3115.