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The business management program offered at WVU Tech is designed to prepare you for a career in the private sector (business and industry), government and nonprofit sectors, and/or for graduate studies in business and leadership.

Our business management program is built on the solid foundation with a general education foundation (GEF) which consists of coursework in the liberal arts, science, and math. This is followed by business core and restricted/free elective courses from the disciplines of accounting, finance, economics, information systems, management, and marketing. These courses are designed to assist in your development of a broad understanding of management and leadership. As a business management major, you’ll learn about details of management and leadership through a variety of courses in human resource management, marketing, organizational behavior, operations management, statistics, and business strategy. Given the curriculum design, you’ll have an opportunity to focus your studies with a minor in one of the following areas: accounting, economics, finance, fraud examination, human resource administration, and marketing.

WVU Tech also provides students with an opportunity to gain practical experience in the public or private sectors via internships. Internships can help you connect theory with application and thus academics with your career.

The University is student-focused with an emphasis on “GREAT” teaching. You’ll be instructed by full-time faculty members who have diverse backgrounds that bring the world into your classroom. Their areas of expertise include business strategy, human resource management, marketing, organizational behavior and change, and production/operations management.

The Department of Management has a quite active student chapter of the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) in which many business management students participate.SHRM student chapters have regular meetings with scheduled programs designed to help members learn more about human resources (HR) and the real world of business.

WVU Tech’s SHRM Student Chapter has been awarded the National Superior Merit Award for the past five years which places the student organization in the top quartile of all SHRM chapters. Additionally, student members have attended professional and student SHRM conferences and competed in the Southeast Regional Human Resource Games.