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Faculty and Staff


Greg Lieving

Dr. Greg Lieving
Chair, Associate Professor and Behavioral Lab Director
Department of Psychology 
Classroom Building, Room 100C
Phone: 304.929.1213

Dr. Lieving’s specialty areas include behavioral psychology, the experimental analysis of human and animal behavior, applied behavior analysis, and research design and methods. He teaches courses in behavior modification, principles of learning, and the biological foundations of behavior. He also directs WVU Tech’s behavioral colony and laboratory. Prior to his position at WVU Tech he served as a behavioral researcher at Johns Hopkins University’s Kennedy-Krieger Institute working with children suffering from behavior disorders such as autism. Dr Lieving has recently been made an ad hoc reviewer of the  Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis.

Cynthia Hall Dr. Cynthia Hall
Associate Professor
Department of Psychology 
Classroom Building, Room 100B
Phone: 304.929.1311

Dr. Hall’s specialty is in developmental and social psychology with focus on adolescent through adult attachment relationships and social cognition associated with autism spectrum disorders. She teaches courses in lifespan development, research methods, psychometrics, and social psychology. Prior to her position at WVU Tech she taught at Radford University and the University of Alabama at Birmingham. Dr. Hall completed multi-disciplinary training at the  Civitan International Research Center, Sparks Clinics, where she conducted developmental assessments for infants and school-age children presenting with behavioral, developmental, and/or learning concerns.


Natalie Pollastrini
Administrative Secretary Senior
Classroom Building, Room 202B