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Student Organizations

Criminal Justice Student Association 

The Criminal Justice Student Association’s purpose is to establish relationships with students who share similar interests in the Criminal Justice and Criminology fields and to support and promote the study and administration of the Criminal Justice System. This includes a familiarization with careers in the field, developing and promoting relationships among students and professionals in the field, and fostering a positive relationship with the community. The CJSA is open to ALL students. Benefits of the Association include:

  • Guest speakers in related fields such as probation, parole, law, corrections, police, and social work. 
  • Trips to related sites such as prisons, trial courts, probation, and the CJIS Division of the FBI in Clarksburg, WV. 
  • Membership in the Association looks great on your resume when you graduate. Having CJSA membership on your resume lets employers know that you are serious about your field of study.
  • You will develop positive relationships with potential employers within the Criminal Justice field.
    This will help you when you start searching for employment in your career of choice after you 

Anyone interested in the Criminal Justice Student Association (CJSA) can contact:

Dr. George Coroian, CJSA Advisor, at 304.929-1313.