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Faculty and Staff


George Coroian, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice
Classroom Building, Room 101F
Phone: 304.929.1313

Fahad Gill

 Fahad Gill, Ph.D.                                                                               Assistant Professor of Economics                                                             Classroom Building, Room 200C                                                                     Phone: 304.929.1316
 Courses taught: Managerial Economics, Money and Banking, Research   Methods, and Principles of Economics.
 My research interests include labor economics, health economics and   financial economics.

Roger Jefferys, M.S.
Visiting Instructor of Forensic Investigations
Classroom Building, Room 101E
Phone: 304.929.1314

Andrea Kent
Andrea Kent, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of Political Science
Classroom Building, Room 200B
Phone: 304.929.1312
Courses taught: American Government, Global Issues, State & Local Government, International Relations, American Constitutional Law, Comparative Government, Public Administration and Terrorism & National Security.
My interests are in the institutional constraints on comparative political behavior. Specifically, I want to know why citizens think and act the way they do, and how governments can influence these behaviors.


Amanda McCarty

Amanda McCarty, M.B.A.
Assistant Professor of Health Services Administration
Classroom Building, Room 202A
Phone: 304.929.1211                                                                                       Courses taught:  Introduction to Health Care Organizations, Social Welfare, Health Insurance, Illness & Health Care, Health Care Strategic Planning, Death & Dying, Intro to Public Health, and Community Service.                                        My interests are in public health, program evaluation, performance management and quality improvement. 

Thomas McGraw Thomas McGraw, M.H.A.
Interim Chair and Associate Professor of Health Services Administration
Classroom Building, Room 200D
Phone: 304.929.1317
Courses taught: Collective Bargaining, Fundamentals of Health Care Administration, Health Care Planning, Health Law and Legislation, Illness and Health Care, Introduction to Health Care Organizations, Introduction to Welfare, Long Term Care Administration, Medical Ethics, and Principles of Micro Healthcare Finance.
My interests are health care access and delivery.

Janis Rezek

Janis Rezek, Ph.D. 
Professor of Sociology 
Classroom Building, Room 202C 
Phone: 304.929.1319                                                          Courses taught: Introduction to Sociology, Introduction to Anthropology, Women & Men in Society, Social Problems in Contemporary Society, Social Stratification and Power, Family and Society, Ethnic Groups, Appalachian Culture, Women of Appalachia, Sociology of Work and Work Places, World Religions, and Present Day Slavery. My interests are gender issues and sociology of women. 

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  Andrew Wheeler

Andrew Wheeler, M.F.S.
Associate Professor of Forensic Investigations
Classroom Building, Room 101D
Phone: 304.929.1219
My interests are incident reconstruction, staged scenes, and investigator perception.


Natalie PollastriniNatalie Pollastrini
Administrative Secretary, Senior
Classroom Building, Room 202B
Phone: 304.929.1318