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Public Service Administration

The Public Service Administration (PSA) major was revised in 2014 as an interdisciplinary 120 credit hour program that enables students to complete the degree, including the internship, in a timely manner. There is a built-in practicum internship that gives the students job experience and allows them to apply the skills they have obtained during the course of their studies. This degree prepares students for careers with all levels of government; local, county, state and federal. PSA also prepares students for a career in non-profit organizations. It is a perfect pre-law degree as it provides a number of political science courses. In addition this degree is perfect for continuing on to graduate school in social work, public administration, political science, sociology, or business administration. Providing the correct restrictive electives are chosen, a student can obtain a minor in political science, sociology or economics without additional course work.

Program Learning Outcomes

  • The student will demonstrate leadership skills through written and oral communications, both in person and through computer technology.
  • The student will be able to evaluate policy, use critical thinking skills, and be able to make some predictions concerning how these policies will impact their individual and collective situations.
  • The student will know the process of managing an organization or government agency program, including understanding the fiscal responsibilities.

  • The student will become culturally competent and aware of diversity in the work environment.