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Athletic Coaching Education

Athletic Coaching Education degree consists of a sequenced curriculum that focus on professional knowledge, sport-specific science, and pedagogical skills mixed with practicum experiences that provide students with several opportunities to learn and apply the principles and practices of coaching across a wide range of health, recreation, and performance based professions, as well as to develop professional networking and social skills.

Admission into the Program

To Apply for Admission: 

Students must complete the admission application, which can be found on the WVU Tech Sport Studies web site or Departmental Adviser, by the October 1 (Fall) March 1 (Spring) deadline.

ACE offers a direct admission option to students who earned scores of 1125 or higher on the SAT or 26 or higher on the ACT. There is no application to the direct admit program. Students who qualify will be invited by the program to join as incoming freshmen.
Students who do not meet direct admission requirements enter the University as pre-ACE majors. They must complete the following to be considered for admission into the ACE major: 

Twenty credit hours of probationary ACE courses with a letter grade of C or higher (including ACE 168, ACE 256, ACE 265, ATTR 121, PET 124, PET 125, PET 175, PE 220, PE 221, PE 223) Twenty-five credits completed (of the required 43 credits) of GEC courses Proof of current Red Cross First Aid, CPR, and AED certification Proof of NFHS Coaching Fundamentals and NFHS Sport First Aid Certification or WVSSAC Coaching Certification (ASEP Coaching Principles, ASEP Sport First Aid, and WV Rules and Regulations) which are completed as part of ACE 256 Principles and Problems of Coaching Overall current GPA of 2.5 or better at the time of application, completed application including a statement of professional/career aspirations, and a personal coaching philosophy. Students not granted admission may reapply the following semester with the same procedure in effect. With adviser approval, students may be admitted when they are within nine hours of completing requisite courses (excluding probationary courses).

Degree Requirements

The requirements for earning a BS in Athletic Coaching Education include: meeting all University mandated requirements for graduation, including the GEC requirements, upper-level units requirement, and 128 hour minimum, completed all ACE probationary and ACE major course C or better in all ACE probationary courses C or better in all ACE major courses (Includes all required ACE, PE,EXPH & SM classes) Completed a minor. Proof of current First Aid, AED, and CPR certifications at time of graduation

Specific inquiries concerning the Athletic Coaching Education major should be directed to:

Dr. Sandra Elmore 
Chair- Department of Sport Studies 
Baisi Athletic Center M337
405 Fayette Pike 
Montgomery, WV 25136
(304) 442-3203 Office