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Sport Management

The major in Sport Management is designed to address the unique position of sport in the global economy in order to prepare students for careers in a wide variety of sport settings, including, but not limited to, recreation management, the fitness industry, collegiate and professional sports, facility and event management, community relations, and retail marketing. The required courses allow students to gain a diverse background in the business aspects of the sports industry in conjunction with the socio-cultural role of sport in society. Specifically, the major is an interdisciplinary program that combines required coursework in sport management coupled with business courses offered through College of BHSS.

Admission into the Program

To Apply for Admission:

Students must complete the admission application, which can be found on the WVU Tech Sport Studies web site or Departmental Adviser, by the October 1 (Fall) March 1 (Spring) deadline. 

The following pre-requisite courses must be completed by the end of the fall semester in which the student is applying: ENGL 101, Math requirement, COMM 100 and COMM 102 OR COMM 104, SM 167 (grade of “B” or higher), JRL 101, BUSA 202, or ECON 201. In addition to these 18 hours of coursework, students must complete an additional 27credits of GEC or approved elective courses. 

Students must have a minimum GPA of 2.5 and complete the application form. 

Note: All students enrolled in sport management must earn a grade of C or better in applied and foundation requirements unless otherwise noted. A minimum 2.5 GPA and formal application are required for admission into the sport management program. All students must earn a minimum of 128 hours in order to graduate.

Pre-Requisite courses (Require a grade of C or better unless stated otherwise): 

3 hr | SM 167 (grade of B or better) 

3 hr | ENGL 101

3 hr | COMM 100 and 102, or 104

3 hr | Math Requirement MATH 121/126

3 hr | ECON 201 

3 hr | JRL 101

Total 18 hr

The applicant must successfully complete a minimum of 27 additional credit hours of either general education curriculum or approved elective courses. 

General Education Curriculum

GEC #1 – English 102 

GEC #2 – Includes Math course, Science with lab, CS 101 and 3 additional hours (14hrs.)

GEC #3 – Student’s Choice (3 hrs.)

GEC #4 – COMM 100 and 102; or 104 (3 hrs)

GEC #5 – Student’s Choice (3 hrs.)

GEC #6 – WVUe 191 or SEP 170 (athletes only) and SEP 272 (4 hrs.)

GEC #7 – SEP 271 (3 hrs.)

GEC #8 – Student’s Choice (3 hrs.)

GEC #9 – Student’s Choice (3 hrs.)

Writing Course Requirement (after completion of English 101 and 102)

Approved Foundation Electives

HUMS 320

ACCT 202 

BCOR 370

BCOR 350

ECON 202

Require C or better

Total General Education Curriculum, or Approved Elective Credit Hours 27 hrs.

Total Credit Hours, Pre-Sport Management (Freshman and Sophomore Years) = 45

Degree Requirements

The requirements for earning a BS in Sport Management include: meeting all University mandated requirements for graduation, including the GEC requirements, upper-level units requirement, and 128 hour minimum.

Specific inquiries concerning the sport management major should be directed to:

Dr. Sandra Elmore 
Chair- Department of Sport Studies 
Baisi Athletic Center M337
405 Fayette Pike 
Montgomery, WV 25136
(304) 442-3203 Office