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With ACE degrees one can pursue coaching jobs from leading recreational sports to coaching on the professional and/or Olympic levels. These can be part-time or full-time professions. One can earn just a few thousand dollars per year or well over a million dollars a year depending on the level, sport, and location. We also see individuals with ACE degrees working in recreational industries, wellness and fitness centers, adventure seeking tourism positions, etc. Many want to coach on the high school or collegiate level. Some seek employment in private clubs, resorts, cruise lines, city parks, etc. Those wishing to teach with an ACE degree normally seek additional teacher certification or master’s degrees depending upon the individual state requirements.

According to the ERIC Clearinghouse on Teacher Education Washington, DC, recent statistics show there are 350,000 coaches on the high school level. The Bureau of Labor Statistics indicated that college coaches and scouts held 217,000 jobs in 2006. The Bureau of Labor Statistics also predicts that the employment of athletic related positions will increase by 15% between 2006-2016. list that the median income documented in April 2009 for personal trainers was $52,156 and the medium income listed for fitness instructors was $46,015. The average salaries of college head football coaches in the top 120 Division I institutions was 1 million in 2007, according to USA Today. It further reported that the average salary for head coaches whose teams reached the Men’s NCAA Tournament was approximately $800,000. per year. With lower profile sports the head positions paid significantly less per year.

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