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Aviation Management

The Fastest Timeline to the Flightline

WVU Tech and FlightSafety International have partnered to establish the Bachelor of Science in Aviation Management (BSAM) degree.

Designed to provide a fast track to the airlines, the BSAM aviation degree program combines FlightSafety’s world-renowned flight training with WVU Tech’s comprehensive aviation and management curriculum. Students complete WVU Tech coursework online and flight training at FlightSafety’s academy in Vero Beach, Florida. Flight training is scheduled during first four semesters of the program to allow students the opportunity to begin building flight experience while they complete the remaining academic courses online. 

When flying, the term “ETE” means Estimated Time Enroute. When it comes to finding the best aviation jobs, ETE means Education, Training and Experience, and the BSAM program provides exactly that: substantial flight experience, world-class flight training and a college education. By concentrating flight training in the early semesters, students have the opportunity to build up to 1,500 hours of flight experience required for the airline transport pilot certificate by the completion of their baccalaureate degree – that’s over 1,200 hours more than most flight training programs. This is true work experience that includes a paycheck each month – not a bill each semester. 

When you finish that 1,500 hours, you will be in demand. Regional airlines are recruiting and hiring in record numbers. Many FSA instructors are hired the day they reach the ATP minimum flight time. In fact, an agreement with EnvoyAir, Inc. will provide students a fast track to an airline job.

Start building your aviation career right now. Apply today.

And if you have any questions, feel free to reach out to one of our WVU Tech admissions counselors at 304-929-0311.