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History, English and Creative Arts

The Department of History, English, and Creative Arts offers studies in the Humanities. These studies, in the form of academic disciplines, traditionally concentrate on the human condition and on the individuals whose lives and work have impacted it. Humanities studies, along with studies in Business and in the Social Sciences, provide the interdisciplinary pillars of a Liberal Arts education.

Studies in the Liberal Arts have provided the educational backbone of western civilization. Since classical antiquity, liberal arts scholars have endeavored to identify the areas of human knowing that can lead to enriched lives of accomplishment that are based in virtue and wisdom.

At WVU Tech, this pursuit of knowledge in the Humanities includes academic disciplines focused in history, in English, in the creative arts, and in interdisciplinary studies.

The ancient and modern learning based in the liberal arts provide the backdrop for the general education foundation (GEF) course requirements of four-year Bachelor degree programs at many universities, including here at WVU Tech.

History and Government Bachelor of Arts

The Bachelor of Arts in History and Government examines the breadth of the human experience—from human origins and the impact of Greek and Roman history to the importance of the liberal arts and technology.

Professional Writing and Editing Minor

The goal of the PWE minor is “to provide professionally oriented students with the opportunity to take courses in writing for business, engineering, and science.”

Specifically, courses in Tech’s English minor focus student learning efforts: sharpening the writing skills that apply to many fields (business, engineering, medicine, science, public relations, journalism, and the expanding opportunities in humanities computing); concentrating on the rhetorical skills related to preparation and presentation of reports, manuals, research proposals, and other business and technical documents (including grant proposals); and, ultimately, preparing students for greater chances of academic and career success as accomplished professional communicators.

The core of English courses that comprise the PWE minor can be included as well within the significant options available to Tech students who are pursuing an Interdisciplinary Studies degree.

Please download the Professional Writing and Editing Minor flyer.

Various Minors

For information about minors offered in the College of Business, Humanities and Social Sciences, visit the minors section of our catalog