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Social Sciences and Public Administration

Criminal Justice

The Criminal Justice program is designed to provide a multidisciplinary understanding of crime and the criminal justice system. The program prepares students for federal, state, and local positions in law enforcement, courts, and corrections. Graduates are well prepared to enter graduate programs such as law school, criminology, and political science.

Health Services Administration

The Health Service Administration program prepares students to work within the American Medical System. Graduates find career opportunities as hospital administrators, state and federal health administrators, long term care administrators, and insurance analysts. This program gives graduates a competitive advantage when seeking managerial positions in healthcare fields. Graduates are also well prepared to enter into graduate programs in areas such as public health, health care administration, or medicine.

Public Service Administration

The Public Service Administration program prepares students for leadership positions in government, nonprofit organizations, and the private sector. Graduates find career opportunities in local and state government, non-profit organizations, and social service agencies. Graduates are well prepared to enter into graduate programs such as law school, social work, or public administration.

Forensic Investigation

The Forensic Investigation program emphasizes problem-based learning. The curriculum covers theory and best practices, and then immerses students in real-world scenarios allowing them to discover the tools needed to solve the problem. WVU Tech’s program creates a forensic generalist with an extraordinarily wide breadth of knowledge and honed skills of critical inquiry.


The psychology curriculum at WVU Tech is designed to produce students who have a broad understanding of both basic and applied psychology, particularly in the areas of learning and behavior, and who have the knowledge and skills necessary to utilize their coursework with excellence in a variety of employment settings.

All of the majors offered in the Department of Social Sciences & Public Administration are applied in nature, however; they include a strong background in the areas of sociology, political science, and economics. The majors are structured in such a way as to allow the student to obtain a minor in one or more of these areas.

Various Minors

For information about minors offered in the College of Business, Humanities and Social Sciences, visit the minors section of our catalog


Dr. Andrea Kent, Chair

Department of Social Sciences and Public Administration