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Accounting and Management

The mission of the Department of Accounting & Finance is to provide career-oriented quality education in accounting, fraud examination, and finance through quality teaching, professional development, and commitment to service. The Department offers a variety of accounting programs and tracks that provide students with strong backgrounds in accounting, business, and fraud examination.

Accounting, B.S.

The accounting program at Tech provides the student with strong accounting, business, and technical skills to be competitive in the modern technology-oriented job market. Students are prepared to seek career opportunities in many levels and in many different industries. Professionally certified faculty members emphasize a practical approach using modern business tools and preparing students for a broad range of positions in business and government.

Business Management

The business management program offered at WVU Tech is designed to prepare you for a career in the private sector (business and industry), government and nonprofit sectors, and/or for graduate studies in business and leadership.

Our business management program is built on the solid foundation with a general education foundation (GEF) which consists of coursework in the liberal arts, science, and math. This is followed by business core and restricted/free elective courses from the disciplines of accounting, finance, economics, information systems, management, and marketing. These courses are designed to assist in your development of a broad understanding of management and leadership. As a business management major, you’ll learn about details of management and leadership through a variety of courses in human resource management, marketing, organizational behavior, operations management, statistics, and business strategy. Given the curriculum design, you’ll have an opportunity to focus your studies with a minor in one of the following areas: accounting, economics, finance, fraud examination, human resource administration, and marketing.

Undergraduate Certificate Program in Fraud Examination

The Undergraduate Certificate Program in Fraud Examination provides public accountants, government accountants, law enforcement officers, and other business and finance professionals an opportunity for advancement in their careers. The program emphasizes the skills necessary to prevent, detect, investigate, and deter perpetration of fraud. This program requires the completion of 18 credit hours, and is not contingent upon completion of a degree program. The certificate program includes the following six courses: ACCT 420, ACCT 421, ACCT 422, ACCT 423, ACCT 348, & ACCT 449.

Various Minors

With careful planning, a student may minor in finance, fraud examination, management information systems, economics, or marketing.

Minor in Finance: Students must complete 18 credit hours to include: FIN 325, FIN 326, FIN 310, FIN 321, ECON 331, and ACCT 491.

Minor in Fraud Examination: Students must complete 18 credit hours to include: ACCT 201, ACCT 348, ACCT 420, ACCT 421, ACCT 422, and ACCT 423.

Minor in Accounting: The department also offers a Minor in Accounting for non-accounting majors. The student must complete 18 hours to include: ACCT 201, ACCT 202, ACCT 311 plus three courses from: ACCT 312, ACCT 432, ACCT 348, ACCT 322, ACCT 441, ACCT 442, or ACCT 491.

These programs prepare students for careers in government and private industry, for various accounting related certifications, or for graduate studies in accounting. Students learn a variety of skills -technical, analytical, problem solving, research, and communication.

Students can also gain knowledge in related fields through minors in finance, fraud examination, economics, management information systems and marketing.

Professional field experience

A number of accounting seniors and juniors have an opportunity to combine education and work experience in the form of internship by working in public accounting, private industry, or government. They can complete this off-campus professional field experience for academic credit.

Over the years, the intern’s supervisors have been very pleased with their work and have in many cases offered them employment upon graduation.