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Getting it Done


Total Credit Hours
120 Hours

Upper-Division Courses
39 Hours

General Education (no major field may be chosen)
36 hours, including:

WVU Tech Grade Point Average: 2.0

Overall Grade Point Average: 2.0

Rule of Failing Grades: All Fs received four years or more prior to admission to the program are disregarded. Students who have received a second academic suspension, however, are not eligible, except by special petition to the Committee on Classification and Grades.

Residency: 24 hours earned in one or more West Virginia state-supported colleges or universities, including community colleges. At least three graded hours must be completed at WVU Institute of Technology. See more on the RBA FAQ page.


WVU Tech encourages students in the RBA program to complete a focused area of emphasis (AOE), though selecting an AOE is entirely optional. Find out more about AOEs on the RBA FAQ page.

The following AOEs require the completion of 15 graded hours of related upper-division classroom work with a grade of C or better in each course.

The following area of emphasis requires 18 hours of specific coursework with a grade of C or better in each course:

Fraud Management Certification

RBA students may choose to pursue a fraud management certification:

NOTE: Students should check the catalog to determine if pre-requisites are required for any of the above courses.


You’ve done it! Now it’s time to show the world.

Find out more about how graduation works on the RBA FAQ page.

You’ll need to complete and submit a Request for Graduation Check Form. If you meet all graduation requirements, then you’ll need to apply for graduation using the Graduation Application.